Corporate Social Responsibility

WTEI takes it upon itself to safeguard the interest of the society in general. As
part of its corporate social responsibility, WTEI tries to balance social equity, environmental
preservation and economic progress. We are therefore actively incvesting and
strengthening education. We are also devoted to protecting a healthy and diverse
environment wherever we carry out our operations.

Every December, WTEI conducts its yearly gift-giving
in various places in the province of Palawan. Almost
400 families from different sites like Jacana, Roxas
and Aborlan benefit from this endeavor.
Every July, the Philippines celebrates Naational Nutrition
Month. This seeks to raise consciousness on issues and
actions to alleviate hunger and malnutrition. We were
able to feed around 400 children every year in this
WTEI participates in the annual Brigada Eskwela.
Brigada Eskwela is a nationwide effort, bringing
together teachers, parents and the community to do
clean up and repairs in public schools to prepare the
facilities for the June school opening. WTEI has
helped renovate classrooms and halls of various
public schools in Palawan.
We believe that there is nothing more important than
education if we want our communities to flourish.
WTEI created its Scholarship Program. Annually,
WTEI awards a four-year-scholarship for ten
academically excellent but financially challenged
students in the Secondary School. A Scholarship
Program was also created for 45 Out-of-School-Youth
in Puerto Princesa helping and motivating them to
become effective in our community.
Palawan has the one of the world’s clearest waters. WTEI
ensures that the natural environment where its
operations are found are taken care of. Every member
of the WTEI partakes in the Annual Coastal Clean-Up
Drive in the city as well as throughout the province.
Mangrove forests can be found in almost all shorelines in
Palawan. About 58, 400 hectares of the province’s land
area is covered by mangroves. WTEI encourages its
employees to participate in the various mangrove
planting activities conducted throughout the province.
Just recently, parts of the Philippines were devastated by the super Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan). Some of the areas in
the Philippines that were affected were Tacloban, Leyte and Samar in the Central Philippines and Coron in Northern
Palawan. WTEI took part in the restoration efforts as well as support for initiatives that help relieved the situation of
those affected by the typhoon. Through its participation in Care Caravan, a relief program initiated by United
Evangelical Church – Palawan, WTEI was able to provide relief goods to almost 3,000 families in Coron.