About William Tan Enterprises, Inc (WTEI)

WTEI is not just about sales and profit; it is also about beating the same heart of every individual. Our mission is to bring significance and drive change in every community. We are concerned of the environment, the community, the young generation and we desire to partner with people who

have the same passion. We want to be part of every community and we aim “to be number 1 in the hearts and minds of our customers”.

Our drive to bring change in our community helps us to do beyond what our industry expects us to perform. We do events that will drive us to the achievement of our vision. Through this, we can share and express our gratitude to our valuable customers — thanking them for choosing WTEI.

William Tan Enterprises, Inc. (WTEI), as the branded marketer of Chevron Phils. Inc., is the only authorized distributor of Caltex fuels in Palawan.

Our company has also endeavored to undertake leasing, trading, shipping and construction enterprises to further extend our services to the Palaweños.

After 18 years, WTEI is now ready to take its services to the next level. We are now gearing up to venture into liquefied petroleum products, agricultural and aquaculture industries which includes poultry and piggery industries as well as the establishments of ricemills and iceplants across the province, and expand our trading business to other commodities.

Since WTEI took the challenge of expanding and innovating our products and services in the whole province of Palawan, expect more from us our “fast service that never rush”.